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Anton’s primary concern is running Jakubstadt Holdings Pte Ltd a Singaporean Holding Company / Family Office infrastructure that trades and invests in public and private assets globally and which owns and operates the Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management Jakubstadt Holdings owns and operates the Institutes Global Portfolio.

Anton set up the Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management in 2011 after receiving literally thousands of messages globally from people that watched the BBC TV show “Million Dollar Traders.”


It took him almost a year to respond to all of the messages. The vast majority of messages asked Anton if I was available to teach or Mentor people in how to become successful in Trading and Investment. I didn’t want to take the usual route of teaching none-sense trading strategies to people.


Having worked on the Professional side of trading at Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers and J.P. Morgan Anton has been instrumental in delivering the message to the Retail world that almost everything Retail Traders are taught by Retail Brokers and Trading Educators is rubbish and will never make Retail Traders successful and consistently profitable traders. Almost 100% of all Trading Educators they experience / have seen online have never actually been Professional Traders at Investment Banks and / or Hedge Funds, so they themselves don’t even know what is relevant, makes money and loses money. Anton calls these “Gurus” Trading Charlatans. Of course, they will tell you that it doesn’t matter that they haven’t ever been Professional Level Traders. Of course, they would tell you that! The information that Trading Charlatans and Retail Brokers put out and teach is precisely the reason why the vast majority of Retail Traders lose all or most of their money trading. The information keeps Retail Traders incompetent and keeps them coming back for more to pay the service providers commissions and / or subscriptions for nothing that’s actually useful or educational in return.