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“If you don’t understand why money exists and it’s real function,
you tend to have no respect for it.”

“A Million Dollars, a Hundred Thousand Dollars, Ten Thousand Dollars, it’s just a whole bunch of twenties that think nothing of you.”

“Freedom allows you to be objective when you’re assessing risk because you will look at everything with clarity and look at everything with very simple downside versus upside.”

“There’s a Million ways to make a Million Dollars. Trading is just one of them.”

“If you’re a person that always thinks they’re right for some reason. Put your card in the ATM and see the number that looks back at you. That will tell you whether you’re right or wrong. There’s only one way to keep score.”

“The most important business card is the one you put in the ATM.”

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Anton Kreil has been featured in many Documentaries and Interviews on the subjects of Trading, Portfolio Management and Financial Markets. He speaks regularly at Seminars and Conferences around the world when travelling on business.

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Anton Kreil is a former Goldman Sachs trader and is now Managing Partner of the Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management.

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